Simple animations that show and tell your story

Anything sound familiar?  

  • Difficulties capturing the hearts and minds of your staff?  
  • Need to get an important story out to multiple audiences easily?   
  • Trouble explaining a complex process or technical system?  
  • Want to do something different to 
  • Need to tackle a misunderstood or contentious issue?

Motive8’s videoscribes enable clients to tell (and sell) their story using animated white-boarding.  Using this engaging medium, clear & cohesive stories can be told with both a compelling narrative and hand-drawn imagery in tandem, so target audiences both see and hear the story come to life.  

Our videoscribes are attention-grabbing, refreshing, informative and fun, and most importantly, memorable. Since videoscribes are digital, they can easily be shared with multiple target audiences.  Apart from featuring on websites (both external and internal), they’re an engaging and compelling tool to be played in meetings, workshops and conferences, as well as sent out via email and text. 

We’ve produced additional versions of our videoscribes in languages including te reo, Dutch, German, French and Spanish, and can incorporate closed captions and sign language. 

Our process is fast and can typically be completed within a few weeks. First we work with clients to script a compelling narrative that succinctly tells the story. We then draw imagery to complement the narrative visually - so both hearts and minds are engaged. We then organise audio recordings, including hiring professional voice-talent if required. 

We’re here to help so get in touch and we can discuss how we can make it easier to engage your audiences.  

You can check out some of our featured Videoscribe projects here.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein