Our client base covers multiple sectors across central and local government, corporates, SMEs, both in New Zealand and offshore.  Some featured Big Picture and Videoscribes client projects can be viewed below, along with a broader client list.  You can check out some client testimonials below too.  




What have some of our satisfied clients said?

"We had very tight timeframes as we really needed to get some form of mass communication out to a very large and diverse group of stakeholders within a couple of weeks. We were pulling content from a number of sources, including our Minister ... it was only a matter of days before we had the final product, then Motive8 cooperated with our design house to ensure the quality of the reproduction in the publication. The result is great ... this has helped us to introduce the Strategy, which potentially means quite a lot of change for stakeholders in some areas, in a more friendly way."

National Rural Fire Officer, National Rural Fire Authority

"Our vision and strategy has been brought to life successfully through the infographic concept. The Motive8 team quickly understood our complex environment and the change we are trying to enact, and they translated this into a fun and colourful picture. The infographic clearly shows the journey we need to undertake and the prize at the end, and it has become a key tool for communicating our future state to a wide range of stakeholders. The professionalism that Rebecca & Ken demonstrated throughout the engagement coupled with their flexible approach and fresh thinking, resulted in an outcome that we are all very proud of."

Chief Information Officer, Fonterra Ltd

"Rebecca and Ken were quick to grasp our requirements and translate them into a great visual which has received universally positive comment from right across the Ministry. Working with both of them was a real pleasure - they were flexible and very responsive despite tight timeframes and last minute changes. The valued tool was produced on time and at a very reasonable cost - it will be used over the coming months and years."

Portfolio Manager, Information Directorate, Ministry of Health

"Ken & Rebecca are a powerhouse. They ran an interactive workshop session where they quickly extracted from us the essence of how Hire Things works, and what we wanted to communicate (and to whom), and were then able to propose a simple and elegant infographic that really captured the heart of our value proposition. The final product as supplied to us has gone on to be used in many forms, on our website, in brochures, and on posters, and really has helped us to engage with our suppliers and customers."

Founder & CEO, hirethings.com

"The first audience I presented my IT Big Picture to broke into applause at the end. Very well accepted."

Chief Information Officer, Farmers Mutual Group

"In order to engage staff with a significant organisational change, the Motive8 approach proved ideal. The infographic provided a compelling presentation tool to clearly explain the need for change, the desired vision, and the journey to get there. Staff responded very positively to the new visual approach and widespread understanding and acceptance of the transformation emerged. We'd welcome working with Rebecca and Ken again."

Director Communications, Biosecurity New Zealand

"A key tool in the success of winning the Shared Services Organisation IT outsourced RFP was the big picture DDNZ developed with Motive8. The process of visually documenting the enormity of the deal, the win themes and outcomes we were after was incredibly useful. Motive8 were brilliant at capturing the complexity of the deal, in one fun, detailed document that immediately engaged people we presented it to. The picture was used to help DDNZ staff understand the concepts, win themes and detail of the bid, it also demonstrated to the client that DDNZ clearly understood their requirements and finally it was used in every single presentation to the client to remind them at all times about our capability and approach. The picture was fundamental in DDNZ winning the biggest IT outsourcing deal of our existence."

Sales Manager, Dimension Data

"Hewlett Packard engaged Motive8 to create an infographic to support a customer presentation. HP was competing for a large, complex software development project. The infographic made a significant contribution to the customer team's understanding of HP's approach. The infographic was created after only a single meeting with Motive8. HP won the contract and the infographic is now displayed on the office wall of the customer programme manager."

Managing Director, Hewlett Packard New Zealand

"I was faced with a real challenge of informing and explaining to the wider Transit business, how my specialist area of Network Operations fitted in with the more traditional road agency functions. This task was made so much simpler through Motive8. The whole process is fast – starting with facilitated discussion and followed by several refinements towards the finalised version. The infographics have become my key communication tool – they are easy to understand and allow me to explain where i fit within the business. Thanks Rebecca and Ken."

Network Demand Manager, Transit New Zealand

"Motive 8 was an excellent choice to create the flowcharts of New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals. While we had the data and the desired concept, Motive 8 provided the much needed technical drawing ability. They produced a very engaging product and feedback provided by other government agencies, private companies and the public has been very positive."

Advisor, Ministry for the Environment

"The Motive8 team worked hard to fully understand what we were trying to communicate, then came up with a great framework to build the content into. Ken and Rebecca were focused on making the infographic as useful as possible and developed an impressive tool that has had wider applications than was initially expected. Motive8's process engaged us all and staff have welcomed the compelling visual representation of MAF's Integrated Business Model in Action."

Senior Communications Advisor, MAF

"Within minutes of being introduced to the infographic concept we were hooked on the potential of a simple way to show and explain complex change messages to a diverse range of employees. We were not disappointed. The Motive8 team very quickly understood our strategy and translated it into a picture that clearly shows the way forward. It's now a key tool in the rollout of our change project.We're now exploring other infographic applications for internal and external communications."

Chief Operating Officer, Wellington City Council

""Why didn't you show us this before?" was the question from a Scandinavian client on seeing our new infographic. We've now used it in workshops and conferences on five continents. It's brought out the smiles, made the learning more interactive and led to repeat business. We should have done it earlier. Thank you for your innovative creation!"

Chief Executive, Cluster Navigators Ltd

"Working with Ken and Rebecca over the past years has been a great experience for the Council. With only a small amount of effort from our staff, they have provided quality infographics that have helped us to introduce new services and easily explain technical processes to ratepayers. The use of these infographics is wide as they provide a great alternative or addition to written reports and technical manuals and have provided great benefits for our Council."

CEO, Buller District Council

"The NZ government faced a significant challenge when it needed to communicate the complex features of a new economic instrument, the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme, to the general public. Working to tight deadlines, Motive8's multi-dimensional approach provided a highly effective, distinctive and adaptable infographic that was clear, colourful and creative. We greatly appreciate the stellar effort by Motive8 to develop such a successful communication tool."

Senior Operator, Ministry for the Environment

"If we had a dollar for every time we have shown the set of infographics or had copies requested, they would have paid for themselves twice over."

Manager, GM Investments, SCION

"Our ability to compete stems from our ability to innovate, and discovering Motive8 was one of those rare "light bulb"experiences. It fundamentally changed the way I communicate innovative ideas, vision and strategy. Motive8 offers me the chance to engage people in the big picture and open up dialogue, ideas and contributions, in a dynamic and compelling way I could never achieve with text or standard PowerPoint. Plus it's fun working with Ken and Rebecca!" 

Manager Future, Winstone Wallboards

"While I was initially cynical about whether we could tell our story in a picture, I was impressed with Motive8's ability to quickly sketch out an idea as we talked, that really picked up on what I was saying. The end result clearly showed our goals and environment in a way we could all relate to and I've had a lot of good feedback from the team at EECA about it." 

Chief Executive, EECA

"We were looking for an innovative way to engage with staff and stakeholders about the ways in which we saw ourselves delivering services in the future. Motive8 partnered with us to create a vision of our future service delivery that immediately captured people's imagination and and got them discussing the opportunities and possibilities that new technologies and new ways of working present. Working to challenging timeframes, and with a considerable amount of patience as our thinking progressed, they were able to very quickly tease out our ideas and turn them into a single integrated picture that told a story in a way that words never could."

Programme Director, Community Probation Services, Department of Corrections

"We used Motive8 to help us literally paint a picture of the new music ecosystem, and how our start-up MusicHype fits in. Rebecca and Ken "got" it straight away, and were able to quickly produce a graphic that was worth a thousand words showing the key relationships between music industry stakeholders, and how MusicHype delivers value to all of them. Motive8's graphic is now the centrepiece of our corporate presentation."

Chairman, WebFund

"A picture is worth a thousand words is a well known adage and as we developed our Information Systems Strategic Plan, at over 15 thousand words that needed to connect to all levels in and outside of our organisation, we needed a really great visual to convey the journey in bridging the gap of expectations from our current to future state ... I recommend Motive8 to any organisation that is looking for this sort of'thousand fold' payback. "

Chief Information Officer, NZTA