Why use Motive8 video scribes?

Proven memorability

Motive8's videoscribes enable our clients to tell (and sell) their story to a wide audience base, using animated white-boarding.  Using this engaging medium, clear & cohesive stories can be told with both a compelling narrative and hand-drawn imagery in tandem, so target audiences both see and hear the story come to life.  Our videoscribes are attention-grabbing, refreshing, informative and fun! 

Viral in nature

Videoscribes are digital so can easily be distributed far & wide to multiple target audiences via email & text, displayed on intranets, websites, used in presentations at meetings & conferences, etc. Typical applications include explaining a vision / opportunity, explaining a process (especially when changing from the old way), making technical details easier to understand, overcoming target audience mis-understanding, frustration, confusion and inaction, tackling complex or contentious issues (such as rates increases), explaining competitive advantages for sales proposals & outlining investment opportunities, reinforcing brand identity, training videos, etc.   

It's far easier than you think

We often videoscribe our Big Pictures, so clients can distribute the story far and wide with an accompanying narrative. We work with clients to script a compelling narrative that succinctly tells the story to achieve the desired result.  We then draw imagery to complement the narrative visually - so both hearts and minds are engaged.  We can enable clients to record audios in-house and or co-ordinate audio recordings at professional studios, including hiring professional voice-talent.  Projects can be completed with weeks, with versions in other languages including te reo, with or without closed captions, all easily updatable.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

~ Albert Einstein

Check out some examples of videoscribes we've produced for our clients in NZ and offshore:

Other videoscribe clients include:  Venture Taranaki, Auckland Council, Callaghan Innovation, Fonterra, Axira (Netherlands), UMCG (Netherlands), Wellington City Council, and many more!