Why do Motive8 Big Pictures work so well?

Pictures that paint over a thousand words

Quite literally, Motive8 big pictures are capable of painting tens of thousands of words. Through them, we enable our clients to tell a cohesive story. They're designed to be talked to, presented and passed around, to get people talking, understanding and discussing the key issues. They explain and help people understand complexity, thus enabling faster decision-making and action. 

When staff engagement is low, change is constant, complexity inherent, or you just want your team to all agree and get on with it, a Motive8 Big Picture is vital.

A unique high-value process

Of equal value is the unique strategic facilitation and visualisation process we designed and developed to create our Big Pictures. We facilitate collaborative discussions to clarify the story that needs to be told, draw it, then challenge everything until the key messages are refined and a cohesive Big Picture can emerge. 

You can't deny the importance of getting senior leaders all on the same page and telling a consistent and compelling story. Motive8 not only has the process to extract that story, the by-product of our process – the artwork – helps keep that story in the forefront of their minds. 

Coming from the outside the organisation, we provide a raw discipline to make our clients get really clear about what they're trying to communicate, and what their Big Picture from a 5,000m high view really looks like. 

A powerful engagement tool

Uses for our Big Picture service are unlimited, ranging from overall organisational visions, strategic & transformation plans, through to strategy vision, roadmaps, project visions, business cases, decision-making and application processes, etc.  

Team engagement can be significantly boosted through a simple iterative visual overview showing how their group contributes to the success of the organisation.  At the other end of the spectrum, our Big Pictures can represent a multi-sector vision contributed to by multiple stakeholders.  

Not only does our Big Pictures process provide an efficient and simple way to clarify and create your vision, the picture itself is a powerful engagement tool. This system helps you create strong cultures, buy-in and action.

Check out a sample of our clients and projects here.

"However tight things are, you still need to have the big picture at the forefront of your mind"

~ Richard Branson

Other Big Picture clients include:  Powerco, Parliamentary Service, Dimension Data, Port Taranaki, Sky City, ITS Ireland, Meridian Energy, MPI, Wellington City Council, NZ Police, Ministry of Transport, NZ Transport Agency, and many more!