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NZ Transport Agency

 “A picture is worth a thousand words is a well known adage and as we developed our Information Systems Strategic Plan, at over 15 thousand words that needed to connect to all levels in and outside of our organisation, we needed a really great visual to convey the journey in bridging the gap of expectations from our current to future state.  From an idea running home one night, to a rough sketch on the whiteboard, to an initial concept diagram and then the opportunity to effect continuous improvement over 2 months, we have that great picture and it is one we reference everyday in our story telling, performance objective setting and business planning, as we execute building the new capability needed to get to the other side.  A bonus of this infographic has been the extra attention it has secured from a wide range of stakeholders, where this ”art“ really stands out from the traditional strategy documents.  The presence of this infographic across all our 5 sites lifts the focus needed, creates a point of difference as well as uplifting our ability to connect.  I recommend Motive8 to any organisation that is looking for this sort of ‘thousand fold‘ payback.”  

– Craig Soutar, Chief Information Officer, NZ Transport Agency

Craig‘s original ISSP Big Picture

And here‘s the updated version a year on .....


NZ Trade & Enterprise

Our project with Craig resulted somewhat from a previous project we completed for NZ Trade & Enterprise, to bring the Geospatial sector story to life.  The imagery used in this picture triggered ideas for how the NZTA ISSP Big Picture could be told, as above.  

 “I had been working with the geospatial sector in New Zealand to raise its profile and to develop better understanding of how the sector could benefit the New Zealand economy and more specifically articulate the need and value of a national Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) – a set of standards for data quality, access and use.

Retaining Motive8 to create a pictorial image of an SDI for New Zealand within the context of the geospatial sector achieved far more than our initial basic objectives. Providing a pictorial image that allowed common understanding was definitely fully effective as an end result, but in fact the much greater value was achieved in going through the process of ‘building’ the picture.

Motive8 became the catalyst by which government and local government officials and management, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) staff and management, commercial companies and the embryonic industry body SIBA started to realise they had common interests and agreement across many aspects of the SDI debate. All parties were involved in developing an image, and achieved universal agreement that the pictorial representation demonstrated the reality of where we were and where we needed to go to as a strategic direction. The exercise itself promoted debate and dialogue in what had been a pretty divisive environment and certainly helped develop a much more constructive relationship between industry and government in the geospatial sector. ”

– Gordon Stevenson, ICT Sector Manager at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise